HOY POLOY Productions started with a tape machine, in a basement at a house  in Murfreesboro, TN. Since that fateful night in  2012, we have continued to constantly grow and expand our productions to include : live music recordings , live performance videos, and concept music videos for independent artists across the world. 

Clay Howard / / David Thilking / / Hunter Alexander Dixon


W.L. Stinnett - Videographer/ Editor

Warren Smythe - Videographer

Owen Jackson - Videographer / Editor

Katie McCall - Videographer Editor

Mike White - Videographer

Founded by: Clay Howard, Dave Thilking, Leland Herzog, James Echols 2012

C l a y  H o w a r d :

Graduated Middle Tennessee State University in 2012 with a Bachelors of Science in The Recording Industry with an emphasis in production / technology and a minor in Visual Art. After starting HOY POLOY Productions with Dave Thilking in college he completed an internship at Paragon Studios and began picking up engineering shifts in Nashville, TN .  He also does freelance work in production sound for film, sound design, boom operating, directing, producing, and musical recording. 



D a v i d  T h i l k i n g :

Graduated Middle Tennessee State University in 2013 with a Bachelors of Science in The Recording Industry with an emphasis in production / technology. Having always been tech savvy Dave and his gear teamed up with Clay Howard, James Echols and Leland Herzog to start HOY POLOY Productions. After graduating he moved to Nashville and continued working as a production sound mixer and musician. He currently works at Trew Audio and is also in a band. 


H u n t e r  A.  D i x o n :

Graduated from SAE with an audio engineering degree and moved to Nashville to work as a front of house engineer at several local venues. Feeling the need to travel and see the world he moved to New Orleans for a year working freelance and part time at a local deli. He traveling back to Nashville in 2013 to work on a feature fim and met Dave and Clay on set. Presented with the opportunity Hunter moved back to Nashville and Used his degree, strong work ethic and hands on knowledge of being on big productions to join forces with HOY POLOY Productions.